Spiretti Spiraliser AVANTI

//Spiretti Spiraliser AVANTI

Spiretti Spiraliser AVANTI



Avanti Veggie Spiretti is a spiral vegetable cutter that turns vegetables into healthy ‘spaghetti’. Perfect for healthy eaters and fussy kids. This handy spiral slicer delivers endless julienned “spaghetti’ of zucchini, carrot, cucumber, radish and other firm vegetables. Perfect, delicious pasta without the carbs! Simple to use, just place the desired vegetable in the end of the slicer and twist continuously in a clockwise direction. One end is designed for thicker strands and the other end for thin strands.

  • Quick and easy to use – just twist
  • Dual Stainless Steel cutting blades for thick or thin strands
  • Stainless Steel hand grip
  • Food safety holder protects fingers
  • Durable food-grade plastic body
  • Dishwasher safe

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