Espresso Seal – Stella

///Espresso Seal – Stella

Espresso Seal – Stella


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Replacement rubber seals to suit Stella stovetop espresso makers.

It is recommended to regularly replace the seal on your stovetop espresso maker to ensure a good airtight seal to ensure efficient infusion.

NOTE: if you are unsure of the size of your Stella pot check the base of the pot – you should see a number stamped on the base which indicates the size by number of cups.  Also see our ring dimensions below.

  • 1 cup – 30mm inner/40mm outer diameter
  • 2 cup – 38mm inner/51mm outer diameter
  • 4 cup – 49mm inner/63mm outer diameter
  • 6 cup – 59mm inner/75mm outer diameter
  • 10 cup – 67mm inner/84mm outer diameter