Brew Cellar Homebrew Starter Kit

///Brew Cellar Homebrew Starter Kit

Brew Cellar Homebrew Starter Kit




The Brew Cellar Homebrew Starter Kit is a microbrewery in a 23 Litre fermenter. The Kit includes everything you need in the box to begin brewing quality beer at home. Home Brewing is a great hobby which will save you money and give you and your mates great satisfaction!

Starter Kit Contents: 1kg BREW Cellar Dextrose, 30 x 740ml PET Bottles & Caps, Morgan’s Sanitise, Morgan’s Australian Lager, Carbonation Drops, 30 Litre Fermenter, Instruction Book, Beer Recipes, Stirring Spoon, Bottling Valve & Tube, Hydrometer, Test Tube, Bottle Brush, Airlock & Grommet, Adhesive Thermometer, Sediment Reducer tap