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What are Mason Jars?

Although Fowlers Vacola preserving jars might be more familiar to Australian food preservers, the Mason Jar truly revolutionised the home-preserving of food in the mid 19th century. The Mason jar was invented by an American tinsmith - John Landis Mason - who patented his design in 1858.  The moulded glass Mason jar was sealed with [...]

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A Brief History of Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding,  as we know it today, bears little resemblance to its chief ancestor known as 'pottage' -  a meat and vegetable concoction originating in Roman times. This was prepared in a large cauldron, the ingredients being slow cooked, with dried fruits, sugar and spices added. By the 15th century, 'Plum Pottage' was a sloppy [...]

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New website

Hi everyone, as you may have noticed The Bake and Brew Shop have a new website. We hope you find shopping with us even easier than in the past. If you have any questions, please ask!

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