Fowlers Vacola Preserving Bottle Lids (12 Pk)

///Fowlers Vacola Preserving Bottle Lids (12 Pk)

Fowlers Vacola Preserving Bottle Lids (12 Pk)


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When preserving with the Fowlers Vacola method, lids are placed on the bottle on top of the preserving ring and secured with a clip. When first put on the bottle, the lid appears convex, which will change to concave after processing, indicating the vacuum seal has formed.

Standard Lids are tin-plated with a lacquer coating, double-coated on the inside to food grade and single coated elsewhere.

Stainless Steel Lids provide a ‘longer life’ alternative and should be used for all high acid preserves, including pineapple and pickles.

Size 2 Lids fit bottle sizes: 3, 10, 19

Size 3 Lids fit bottle sizes: 14, 20, 27

Size 4 Lids fit bottle sizes: 31, 36, 65

Size 4 1/4 Lids fit bottle sizes: 28, 39, 42, 56