Bread Cloche

Bread Cloche



Join the growing large number of Cloche converts and never bake uninspiring bread again. The Kitchencraft Cloche will give your bread the wood-fired oven treatment, trapping steam with the rising dough to give you a loaf with a beautifully golden, crackly crust and soft, evenly baked crumb. Based on traditional designs from the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Cloche is highly rated by bakers around the world

Simply place your shaped & proofed dough in the base of the Cloche and cover for the first part of your bake time, then remove the dome lid for the final bake time to brown the loaf perfectly.

Care & maintenance: No soaking or washing required. Simply scrape or brush off any dough or flour residue as necessary.

Dimensions: Long Cloche – 39×14.5x17cm